Farm Stats:

120 hectares dairy pasture
350 registered Jersey Operation

Six years after Black Saturday bushfire decimated Rob and Kerrie Anderson’s dairy pastures; their farm is thriving once again.

“The Gippy Bulk boys were out here on deck right after the fire. They brought a truck of hay back from the west of the state.”

On the books with GBS since buying the Drouin West property in 2000, their relationship only strengthened after Black Saturday, as Rob worked to re-sow the farm in annual stages.

Running a grass-based feed system, Rob is “very proactive” about maximising the relationship between fertiliser and pasture.

“Getting fertiliser delivery and application right is a big part of our business, which combined with the weather, is absolutely crucial for our performance.”

And for Rob timing is everything - from annual fertiliser application across the whole farm, to strategic applications of nitrogen and blends from April to November.

“If you get the timing right, you grow more kilograms of dry matter and at the end of day, that’s more expensive feed you don’t have to buy in.”

“Gippsland Bulk Spreaders have a reliable team of staff, from the boys at the top to the dispatch team, they do a great job meeting my particular needs.”

“West Gippsland has some of Victoria’s best rainfall, so it’s in everyone’s interest to make the most of our conditions here and Gippy Bulk are a huge part of that for me.”